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Tips on What to Wear to a Meeting – eSeller News
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Tips on What to Wear to a Meeting

Martina Mercer
April16/ 2014

Men often complain that their choice of clothes is limited compared to a woman’s wardrobe, however when choosing what to wear for an interview similar rules apply across the sexes. Your first impression counts as when you enter the interview arena your appearance will be evaluated before you’ve even said hello.

Many people may assume that a simple suit and shoes is enough to impress the potential new boss, however there are a few additions (and subtractions) that will allow you to exude an air of confidence making them believe you are the right person for the job.

It’s What Underneath That Counts!

Of course the jacket and trousers are crucial; however it’s important not to underestimate the power of the clothes underneath when choosing men’s shirts for the office. No matter how much of a cool customer you are the season or the heating system in the building will only add to your nervous perspiration leaving your shirt resembling that of Lee Evans when under the bright lights of the Royal Albert Hall.

Men’s shirts for the office have varied benefits and when selecting one you should bear in mind the quality of cotton and the breathability, a good shirt will still look clean and smart if you’re invited to make yourself more comfortable by taking your jacket off.

Your Accessories Tell a Tale

You may believe that your accessories play no part in the hiring process however many interviewers are subconsciously swayed by these additions. Although the perfect watch won’t land you the job on its own it may make the difference if your potential employer has a difficult decision to make between two candidates. Keeping bling to a minimum a functional classic watch will show that you find time keeping important, whilst choosing a traditional tie over a clip on will highlight that you don’t cut corners just to get the job done.

Sock it To Them

Although it’s unlikely that they will see your underwear it’s still important that you choose your best as women have harboured this secret for years. Knowing you’re also smart underneath boosts your confidence and allows you to face any eventuality. Your socks will also be appraised and this is where some men fail, as despite understanding that trainers would be a huge negative they still slip on threadbare sports socks that are grey and have seen better days. Instead aim for unnoticeable, no designs or love hearts and certainly not the ones your nephew bought you for Christmas. Simple black, brown or navy (not thermal) will complement your suit beautifully.

The Rest is Up To You

A good suit that’s tailored will accentuate your assets such as broad shoulders and a trimmed waist. Trousers that fit well and don’t encourage you to breathe in as you fasten the button will make you more comfortable and despite popular belief will actually make you look slimmer than trousers a size too small. Ensure the length of leg is optimum, not trailing on the floor but not revealing the hairs on your legs either, and then the rest is up to you. Smile, shoulders back and dazzle them with your expertise and personality so their appraisal rests on your abilities rather than your fashions sense!

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Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer is an award winning copywriter and digital marketer. She specialises in psychology delivering marketing that identifies consumer profiles and connects customers with brands. As an expert in proximity marketing, Martina is one of the only experienced beacon marketers in the UK highlighting her commitment to developing her skills in an ever changing consumer focused world.