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The New Google Penguin 4.0 Update in Miniature

Martina Mercer
November15/ 2016
From my position it’s quite humorous to see shady SEO companies running around like headless chickens after the news of the new Penguin 4.0 update.
I’ve always maintained, even back when keyword stuffing was on trend, that quality content will always win. Google want to provide their customers with high quality content that’s relevant, engaging and informative and you should too. If you care about your visitors and the customer journey than no amount of algorithm updates should bother you.
A good site is one that doesn’t mislead customers, it answers questions before they’re asked and it provides great information alongside engaging content. When this is backed up by a high quality social media campaign and plenty of endorsements from other sites, it results in a website that will always win, a website, or a page.
The pages that sell will always rank lower as Google doesn’t want to recommend sales pages. This is because they have a perfectly good model in AdWords and PPC for this. They want to lead searchers to content they need, content they will be thrilled to land on. They don’t want to present visitors with spam, or with info that frustrates and confuses, or blatantly tries to sell. (Unless the searcher is looking for a product to buy, in which case Google Shopping will always dominate, that’s not to say you can’t rank organically for an eCommerce page.)
How do you create a website that’s organically friendly SEO wise? How do you make yourself invincible against the many Google updates? The easy answer is, by being genuine and by creating customer loyalty, By leaving your visitors with a good impression, by impressing so much they want to share your content, by providing exactly what the customer needs at the right time, in the right place. It’s that simple.
Backlinks help, of course they do, and you can build high quality backlinks by featuring on reputable sites where you’ll provide tips and advice to a whole new audience. If you provide all of the above in your website, backlinks will also come naturally as visitors engage with your content and share it.
If you’re hands off SEO and don’t like to get into the nitty gritty of PPC management make sure you choose a reputable company who can adopt your brand as their own. As the new Google assistant rises in popularity with the launch of the Google smartphone it’s even more important that your business pleases the customer before it begins to think of dominating the search engines as Google will know!
I dabble in PPC and am a Google partner but I don’t enjoy the process as I focus on the organic SEO and the brand experience. I do believe the right PPC Agency is crucial to your success which is why I recommend Keel-Over Marketing as the best. Take advantage of their free audit and listen to their advice to receive the profit you deserve on your advertising.
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Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer is an award winning copywriter and digital marketer. She specialises in psychology delivering marketing that identifies consumer profiles and connects customers with brands. As an expert in proximity marketing, Martina is one of the only experienced beacon marketers in the UK highlighting her commitment to developing her skills in an ever changing consumer focused world.