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The Home Office Which Merges Functionality and Interior Design

Modular Furniture
October23/ 2014

There are any number of interior design articles on the internet which tell you how to make your office more motivational, how to personalise your space, how to make sure your office is healthy and that it promotes productivity. This post is a little different.

We assume that if you are an eSeller reader that you already know how to organise your time and that you understand the benefits of having a computer chair which supports you as you work away on your computer. We aren’t experts in being self-employed and working from home, we are the people you come to when you want an office than is attractive, that boasts all of the practical aspects of office design and yet is pleasing on the eye.

If you have a need for a home office it is reasonable to assume that you will be spending a good few hours there, be this working from home or dealing with accounts and home-related paperwork. What you need and want is a space which offers the storage and the ease of use factors yet looks nothing like a bland work cubicle.

Modular office furniture is all about making a space work for you. Building up cupboards, shelves and more so that you have what you need but also so that you may personalise the space, incorporating colour, art, plants, accessories and anything else which will make your office space a joy to spend time in.

Stepping away from the somewhat flimsy flat-pack office furniture offered by many high street catalogue stores and choosing a solid alternative is the first step to changing the way an office space feels. Choose from a number of styles, from a sleek white modern looking office or perhaps a more traditional walnut. Choose pieces which work with your individual style.

Forget the easy to maintain cactus plant, the generic desk tidy or mass-produced lamp. Choose quirky pieces for your office space. Search for art work that inspires, be these motivational quotes, photographs, sculptures or paintings. Don’t be afraid to inject colour into a space, choosing matching accessories, unusual decorative pieces or even a brightly coloured chair to pull the design together.

Light is so important in an office for a number of practical reasons. Choosing a lamp doesn’t have to be a chore however as whatever you do choose should be both practical and great to look at. Consider an industrial style Anglepoise lamp or a Tiffany style piece perhaps?

Choosing modular office furniture enables you to personalise your space, merging functionality as well as style so that you may put together a striking work place which does indeed motivate and inspire.