Author: Peer1Hosting

Daniel Hobson is Head of eCommerce at Peer 1 Hosting. Based at their London office, he has been with Peer 1 since the August 2013, and has quickly established himself within the Retail industry throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, and America. Daniel brings with him 11 years of experience in working for a large international IT manufacturer in both Canada and the UK and has a successful track record in delivering enterprise-class solutions for both large and small (but highly aspirational) businesses in many different parts of the world. In his current position, Daniel is responsible for enabling retailers and merchants to get the most out of their investment in IT infrastructure (whether it is Web-based, back-office, or analytics). Establishing and maintaining relationships with experts and customers throughout the industry, Daniel is the first point of contact for any new commercial engagement with a business looking to maximise their online potential.