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Writing Guidelines

We have some of the best bloggers in ecommerce on eSeller News and if you’d like to write for us please send an email to editor@esellernews.com

We accept all kinds of posts, and writers as long as the articles are informative or amusing, of very high quality and from a reputable source. Applicants must have previous experience of writing for an audience be it a white paper, a motivational speech, a presentation or a technical journal.

Our Writing Guidelines for Guest Bloggers are quite strict yet they keep the content free of spam while we ensure we maintain our reputation for being a valuable source of information (and occasionally entertainment) for our users.

The Posts Must Be:

  1. At least 400 words in length
  2. Informative, educational, statistical, visually appealing, news or entertaining (although this area is not explored too much on eSeller we do like a little light relief)
  3. Free from any advertisement of any kind
  4. Grammatically correct as per the Oxford English Dictionary
  5. Formatted well, making full use of WordPress capabilities with headers, subheaders and bullet points where relevant, this keeps posts fresh and stops too much information putting the visitor off
  6. Assigned a category or two, along with five tags
  7. Have only one link. We allow one link in a bio and one in a post, not on keywords though as Google hates this
  8. Have the description, title and focus kw filled in (it’s really not fair to expect our editor to do it and if you’d like your post to be found…)

Unfortunately if a post doesn’t follow these guidelines it’s deleted or left in a permanent state of “pending review”

We hope you enjoy writing for eSeller News.

If you already do, this badge is yours!


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