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How Do SEO and Web Design Impact the Lead Generation Process

Martina Mercer
January08/ 2016

Summary: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is as essential for increasing the visibility of a company as web design is for pinning down customers once they do find the website. The SEO and web design consultancy business you employ should and likely will understand how these two must work together.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is widely used to enhance the visibility of a brand online. No-one is likely to buy from a company they have never come across and whose website they can’t find. Those in the SEO consultancy business will tell you that in order to gain further growth and sales that they need somewhere to point their SEO efforts towards.

It makes perfect sense for a business wishing to build its popularity online to have a website. The website needn’t necessarily be an ecommerce site however it does still need to serve a purpose. A website that is attractive, functional and gives something back to the visitor is a website that will work best with regards to increasing custom.

Whether the business is an online shop or service or a bricks and mortar shop, it is important that not only do people know where it is; they need to know what it does, what it offers them and encourages them to keep visiting and bringing others with them.

A website that is easy to look at, user friendly with regards to navigation and which has added features such a blog or similar with interesting content will draw people in. Particular attention needs to be paid to the front page of any website as first impressions are paramount. The most successful  SEO consultancy company in the world will not make a visitor to the website into a genuine lead if the home page is poor quality and doesn’t offer them something such as a sale or money off code, something of interest to read or even something to watch. There has to be something to catch the attention on a website, otherwise the SEO work that has gone into a project is defunct.

It is clear that in order for the lead generation process to be a success, namely for the SEO to work brilliantly, get traffic to the door of the website and then for the web design to take over and entice them in, keeping their attention long enough for them to decide to buy or use a service, that the web design needs to be top notch.

Without all of the links in this chain working effectively it is highly unlikely that there will be a significant enough increase in the number of successful leads being generated to equate to any real growth in sales or similar.

When having an initial consultation with an SEO expert it is likely that they will look at the company website, assuming they haven’t already in the lead-up to the meeting. Unless your website is already well designed, customer friendly and likely to turn visitors into customers you will not doubt be advised that some work needs to be done prior to the commencement of the SEO campaign. It is the testament of a professional and reputable company that will inform you of this as strictly speaking, if the aim of the campaign is to increase the number of people that hit the first page then that is perfectly achievable. What a good SEO consultant will want for his or her clients is for them to receive the full benefit that being recognised online and having a good website will allow for this when combined with a nifty SEO plan of action.

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Martina Mercer

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