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Easy Fixes for Common iPad Faults

Martina Mercer
April15/ 2014

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This is a guest post from Mobile Ease the London iPhone repair shop

Summary: Many individuals and families enjoy the versatility an iPad provides however there are times that issues in performance crop up and to avoid disappointment and frustration they should be dealt with swiftly. This quick guide to fixing common iPad issues will help users get back to using their iPad in no time.

As with all devices the iPad sometimes succumbs to issues resulting in reduced performance or the iPad refusing to work altogether. Often these issues are common ones which may be easily fixed with little effort and no cost.

Problems with Internet Connection

When an iPad loses connection it is usually because the router they are connected via is malfunctioning, the Wi-Fi signal has dropped or the internet locally is suffering an outage.

To encourage reconnection:

  1. Check the home or office internet router
    If other users and devices are struggling with the same connection issues there is a good chance that the problem  is related to the main internet connection or the local supply. To combat this reset the router by switching it off and then after a minute back on again. It often takes a few minutes for the router to reset and you might need to refresh the connection on the iPad however this should fix the issue if it were merely a glitch.

    If this doesn’t work and an error light shows on the router it may be worth contacting the internet provider to check the status of the line.

  2. Check Wi-Fi Settings or Signal Strength
    Often the most simple answers are the most common and so it would be a good idea to try and get closer to the router or find a better location signal-wise if the internet connect and the hub is working ok for other users.

Problems with Apps
Often users find apps suddenly starting to shut down, being slow to load or that they simply don’t work anymore. This could be a glitch with the app itself or it could be that the phone has become so clogged up with residual application data that it is now incapable of working properly. The best thing here is to shut down all of the apps and reset before restarting.

If problems persist remove the app and reinstall it or contact the developer to check for bug fixes.

Reboot Your Phone to Kick-Start Functions
Sometime the magical “switch it on and off again” remedy is exactly what is needed. Even when not in use a mobile is active as notifications still come through, push emails are still switched on and multiple applications continue to run in the background. Rebooting the phone completely, and even better leaving it off for a spell to rest and recover could be just the medicine it needed and users often report that these actions result in a much higher performance level afterwards.

The iPad is a complex device and not one that has been around long enough for many to risk taking it apart to try and repair it themselves. If these simple steps to fixing the most common issues Pad often suffer from don’t work then it could be that the iPad is struggling with hardware problems, not simple software bugs or glitches after all. If this is the case the only option, especially if the warranty has expired is to find a reputable iPad repair company who will restore the iPad back to its former glory once more.


MobileEase offer walk in phone repairs at their base in London as well as postal repairs, aiming to save customers money on costly replacements when often a repair is all that is needed.


Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer is an award winning copywriter and digital marketer. She specialises in psychology delivering marketing that identifies consumer profiles and connects customers with brands. As an expert in proximity marketing, Martina is one of the only experienced beacon marketers in the UK highlighting her commitment to developing her skills in an ever changing consumer focused world.