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Easily Compare Business Gas and Electricity

Money Mate
March05/ 2016

This guest post has been written by Martina Mercer but sponsored by the business energy experts over at Business Save. Business Save work as a comparison service for business customers, finding the best rates and discounts on behalf of customers, saving them money and time.

Using their data, Martina has put together a quick guide on how to easily compare business gas and electricity saving you a LOT of time and money.

It is no secret that businesses have been hard hit over the past decade due to a struggling economy and rising energy prices. Many businesses have in fact struggled so significantly with constantly rising overheads versus lower sales that they have had to close their doors, resulting in redundancies across the board. Thankfully the government now reports that we recently regained our UK pre-depression economic standing and yet still businesses have to keep a close eye on their overheads.

The Knock-On Effect of Higher Energy Prices

Over the past ten years the energy prices forced upon the UK businesses and residential customers have risen substantially higher than previous trends have ever recorded. This is due largely to events concerning the world wholesale market and of course increases in wholesale prices are passed on via the supplier to the consumer.

Higher energy prices have served to elevate the overheads companies are having to pay out while the ill-timed, if there could be a good time, depression has resulted in a widening gap between income and expenditure and not in the favour of the businesses. Consumers have had less disposable income to spend and have become reticent to spend on anything which isn’t a bargain or lower priced. This has understandably had a knock-on effect on retailers and other businesses.

Things Are Looking Up

As before the economy has started to recover and while rates are still higher than before the rise and consumers are still being cautious when spending the gap between overheads and profits has shortened somewhat. This, added to the fact that additional changes in the wholesale energy market have lowered unit prices has made finding competitive business rates that little bit easier if you know where to look.

Using Experts to Maximise Savings

Here at Business Save we work on behalf of our customers (the businesses, not the utility companies) to find the best business gas and electricity rates available, maximising discounts and sourcing hidden benefits not usually offered as standard. Our expert energy consultants take pertinent details about a business and do the hard work, finding the best tariffs and deals while saving businesses time and money.

The service is free to businesses with a number of energy companies paying to be on our comparison list. Our aim is to work on closing the gap between overhead levels and profit margins, resulting in profits going up and energy rates coming down.

For more information on how Business Save may save your business time, money and hassle visit the website.

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