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Coffee with Epson

Martina Mercer
March27/ 2014

When Epson got in touch to let me know they’d be offering free coffee, I couldn’t resist booking them in to find out where this fit in with their new technology.

They explained that along with their coffee shop they were also letting journalists know about their recent contract with Burger King, were they have saved this fast food giant over 70% in printing costs by providing a bespoke solution that can be operated remotely.

Burger King were operating using over 13 different printing and scanning systems which posed a logistical challenge in the ordering of consumables alone. They were ready for change when Epson suggested a solution, an inkjet option that could be rented over time and allowed multiple documents to be loaded at once to be scanned so people didn’t have to wait by the printer or manually load the paper.

Burger King didn’t take on this decision lightly, on testing they set their IT team to work, assessing the cost over time, testing the usability for varying IT levels of staff, exploring the logistics of restocking the printers along with the quality, speed and ease of installation.

Epson, understanding the need to be able to operate all systems from one place, set up a management system from the head office so all printers and scanners could be managed remotely. Burger King’s IT department decided this was a cost cutting option with the ultimate convenience and now they have 61 printers and scanners from Epson which have cut costs by 70%.

Moving onto the consumer point of view, Adrian Clark, Epson’s Head of Sales for Business Systems took me to the coffee bar, where via a mobile device I entered my name and chose a cappuccino. I was close enough to see how the ticket and receipt was printed before it was attached to my cappuccino complete with my name!

The frothy coffee was finished with a flourish with Epson sprinkled in cocoa powder on the surface, it looked too good to drink, but the taste of the coffee was not why I was here.

I could instantly see the benefits of this Cloud based technology as like any busy person I’ve found myself queuing out of the door at Starbucks just waiting for that espresso hit, or even stood in a queue with a friend while I’ve watched tables fill up before my eyes, leaving us with no choice but to take the coffee out.

With this, I could easily walk into a café; find a table and order, resting my feet while chatting to a friend as the coffee arrived. What this means for the retailer is increased efficiency, allowing them to cut down on queue times and increase customer satisfaction. It also provides an opportunity to merge a customer’s web-based shopping experience with the physical world.

It’s clear to see that with this integration, and information gathered through the Cloud that along with receipts, these POS systems could be printing off loyalty coupons too, encouraging customers to return again and again. It’s no surprise that Epson hold the no. 1 position for POS printing in Europe.

They were keen to describe the recession as our “new economy” and told me how their solutions have adapted to the economic times as their printers not only save on ink costs, while the Cloud based technology saves on staffing, they also save 1/3 on power which propels them into the “environmentally friendly category”.

400 retailers already use Cloud based technology at their POS so integration of this is seamless.


Martina Mercer

Martina Mercer is an award winning copywriter and digital marketer. She specialises in psychology delivering marketing that identifies consumer profiles and connects customers with brands. As an expert in proximity marketing, Martina is one of the only experienced beacon marketers in the UK highlighting her commitment to developing her skills in an ever changing consumer focused world.