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Closing the Gap of the SEO Process

Warren Cowen
February11/ 2015

SEO plays a vital role in the success of your website and your business value. However there are many factors that can compromise your SEO that need to be monitored and flagged. What you don’t know about SEO, and most importantly what you don’t do, can have a fundamental impact on the performance of your website. For this reason, it is important to close the loop on the SEO process; what we refer to as the three D’s of digital growth:


Data is crucial when looking at your SEO. You need it to understand all of the keywords that the customer is actually using, how your website is performing, what actual changes need to be made and what gaps and opportunities exist at every single product and category level. You need to work out if your website is providing the best experience and where it might be letting down the SEO strategy.

Do this:

The next ‘D’ is quite simply: do this. We don’t need any more data and we don’t need any more reports. What we actually need is specific action that we can go and do inside the website on our pages and on a platform. SEO directly affects site visibility and whether your site is actually seen by consumers. It is all very well knowing what you need to do, but doing it is entirely different.


It is important to remember that the improvement to your SEO process will never be complete, but at the end of the day if you don’t get the changes that you have identified and specified for every single page and product onto the website, your SEO ranking will not move. Worryingly, research says that 80% of SEO changes either never make it, and/or take longer than 12 months to trickle through. So the key part of closing the gap with SEO is actually about getting these changes delivered into the platform.

SEO can be a minefield, with many unaware and unsure of the various factors that can compromise the success of their site. By ensuring that you have the three D’s in place, you are instantly increasing the chances of SEO success and ensuring that your business stays ahead of the competition.

Warren Cowen

Warren Cowan is CEO and Founder OneHydra, the leader in automated search marketing and has been an expert in the search marketing industry for over 15 years. Cowan’s unrivalled search knowledge and unique perspective on the growth and movement of the industry is what has led his two separate businesses to leading roles in the digital marketing industry. Cowan has been recognized for his entrepreneurial capabilities on numerous occasions, including being shortlisted for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and being named in Growing Business ‘Young Guns’ list of 30 fastest-running and most exciting young entrepreneurs.